Bingham’s celebrates centenary with new Asda deal

A Sheffield business specialising in potted beef is celebrating in style as it approaches its 100th birthday.

Bingham’s, which was founded in 1914, has secured a £250,000 deal with supermarket chain Asda.

Bingham’s, which first started supplying around 30 Asda stores across Yorkshire in 2008, has increased its Asda stores listings by 280 per cent in the past five years – now supplying 85 Asda supermarkets and superstores across the whole of the North of England and the Midlands.

The business was founded by Charles Bingham, a popular meat dealer in Sheffield who also sold potted beef.

After serving in the First World War, Charles built the first Bingham’s factory at 154 Western Road, Crookes, where production of his potted beef recipe grew – and where the business remains today.

Bingham’s is now owned by its former general manager, Peter Moon and his wife Stella, who returned the business back to private ownership from Northern Foods in 2007.

Under the guidance of the Moons, Bingham’s began trading with Asda in 2008, supplying the supermarket chain through the Yorkshire Farmers and Transfresh business hubs.

Demand for Bingham’s products, including its premium Potted Beef, Beef Spread and Beef & Tomato Spread, grew so much that it quickly began supplying direct to Asda’s depots.

It now sells more than 293,000 products each year with the retailer and is aiming to increase the number of product listings with the retailer, and is developing a new range of spreads for the in-store Deli counters.

Peter Moon said:

“My heart has been in this business for many years and it’s an amazing feeling to be running it with Stella as we approach this amazing milestone.

“We have a fantastic relationship with Asda, its commitment to providing local suppliers with opportunities and the tools to grow is one of the reasons we’re still here today”.

Lindsay Goldsbrough, Asda’s regional operations manager, said:

“Asda supports local suppliers and we’re always keen give our customers the locally sourced products they want in their local stores.

“Bingham’s prides itself on sticking to the original 100-year old recipes, which have been doing Sheffield proud for so long, and we are excited about the future introduction of a new deli-counter range.”

Asda Binghams 2
Pictuered from left are Stella Moon from Bingham’s, Katie Denton Asda colleague, Lindsay Goldsbrough, Asda regional operations manager, Carla Gillott, Asda colleague and Peter Moon, owner of Bingham’s

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