Long-serving staff record more than 2,100 years of service

Staff at BMI Huddersfield Hospital celebrated a rare achievement, notching up 2,134 years of service between them.

Thirty-five  members of staff from various disciplines including nurses, medical secretaries and kitchen workers were recognised at the Long Service Pin Awards, held at Dalton Grange in Huddersfield.

Staff who have worked at BMI Huddersfield Hospital for five, ten, 15, and 20 years received a special pin adorned with emeralds and diamonds depending on their length of service.

Christine Lockwood, 54, has been a radiology manager at BMI Huddersfield Hospital for 20 years.  She received a special pin adorned with two diamonds and an emerald.

She said:

“I’m dedicated to my department. I’ve always wanted to provide a good service to our patients, and to our local community.

“Helping others and enjoying my job, are the reasons why I’ve been part of the team at BMI Huddersfield Hospital for so long.”

John Lindars, executive director of BMI Huddersfield Hospital, said:

“BMI Huddersfield Hospital’s staff are at the heart of the local community.

“Many are locals, and for them to have stayed with us for so many years is a real honour.

“Without them, the hospital wouldn’t be able to provide the great local service that it does today.”

Huddersfield Pin awards
Jane Cooney, theatre assistant (5 years’ service) and (right) Christine Lockwood, radiology manager (20 years’ service)

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