Yates’s Woodhouse Lane creates ten new jobs with £260,000 refurbishment

The Stonegate Pub Company is creating more local jobs and investing more money in Leeds with the £260,000 refurbishment of Yates’s in Woodhouse Lane.

Ten jobs have been created as result of the investment and the site will reopen to the public on Thursday.

The latest opening follows on the heels of  the £140,000 enhancement of the Boar Lane site back in June.

A new state-of-the art lighting system, the installation of a large video wall and the modernisation of the beer garden complete with new furnishings, heaters and jumbrellas are just some of the new elements being introduced at Yates’s.

The VIP section on the first floor will also be updated to reflect a brighter and more modern look.

Jen Iball, deputy manager at Yates’s on Woodhouse Lane, said:

“We’re delighted that we’ll able to offer customers new and existing a great looking bar with a number of value for money deals across food and drink combined with excellent customer service.

“The new-look will be more reflective of other Yates’s bars across the country, which are very popular with their customers.

“We’re hoping that the investment will mean that Yates’s will appeal to a wider audience across a range of occasions.

“Throughout December we’ll be strengthening our links with the charity Cash for Kids who lend a helping hand to disabled and disadvantaged children up to the age of 18 through their grant giving process.

“We’ve worked with the charity previously and have hosted a number of fundraising activities for them but we’re planning an even bigger boost and already, plans are starting to take shape to help raise a significant amount of money.”

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