Damart celebrates 60th anniversary

Yorkshire clothing manufacturer Damart is celebrating its 60th Anniversary.

The name Damart is taken from a contraction of Rue Dammartine, where it was founded in 1953 by the Despature brothers, in France, which is synonymous with thermal clothing.

The business has been built on the unique man-made fibre Thermolactyl that was developed and patented by the brothers.

This product has become renowned for its ability to provide warmth without bulk and has allowed Damart to become known across the world.

The brand was launched in the UK in 1965 and its rich Yorkshire heritage dates back to 1967, when it purchased a former textile mill at Bowling Green mills in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

This prominent local feature, which can be found close to the Leeds-Liverpool canal just a short walk from the famous five rise locks, has since become known as the Damart Mill and remains its UK headquarters.

In the nineties, it continued to grow its Yorkshire-based operation with the opening of a warehouse in Steeton that supplemented the head office at the Damart Mill.

The company’s continued development and the recent acquisition of a sister company Coopers of Stortford has strengthened its position as a major employer in local communities.

Managing director Andy Hill said:

“We value the fact that we’re close to being the largest employer in the Bingley area.

“We’re important to the local economy. We don’t take that lightly and we have an extremely low turnover of staff.”


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