James Potter Yorkshire Free Range Eggs awarded for contribution to farm animal welfare

James Potter Yorkshire Free Range Eggs has been awarded a Good Farm Animal Welfare Award by Compassion in World Farming in recognition of its commitment to farm animal welfare.

Compassion’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards recognise food companies across Europe that are making it their policy to produce and source higher welfare eggs, meat and dairy produce.

Compassion has run its flagship scheme, the Good Egg Award, since 2007 to celebrate organisations that source only cage-free eggs.

The programme has now expanded to include the Good Chicken Award, launched in 2010, the Good Dairy Award in 2011 and the Good Pig Award in 2012.

Over 311 million hens, chickens, pigs and dairy cows and calves are now set to benefit each year as a result of award winners’ policies.

James Potter, director said:

“We are delighted to have received the Good Farm Animal Welfare Award from Compassion in World Farming.

“A lot has changed, since my mum Susan Potter first purchased 200 hens in 1980, but we have always stuck to our policy of only handling genuine free range eggs.

“We remain committed to a providing the best environment for our hens, investing in the latest housing systems and continuing to put animal welfare at the forefront of our business.”

Latest figures from the British Egg Information Service (BEIS) highlight the continuing trend in the growth of free range sales, up five per cent over the last year.

This comes despite of the difficult choices most consumers face when trying to stretch their weekly food budgets and shows that consumers understand the benefits free range eggs have to offer in terms of quality and welfare.

A campaign run by James Potter Yorkshire Free Range Eggs in during 2013 showed that it only costs the consumer £5.55 a year to make the switch from cage to free range eggs.

Tracey Jones, director of food business at Compassion in World Farming said:

“It is so great to see James Potter Yorkshire Free Range Eggs taking animal welfare into consideration as part of their sourcing policy.

“Higher welfare produce isn’t just the responsibility of the large corporations, but something that can be achieved at all levels.

“Well done to James Potter Yorkshire Free Range Eggs – keep up the good work!”

James and Adrian Potter

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