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Bosch research reveals Leeds’ attitude to energy efficiency

Bosch UK has conducted a survey to understand the general public’s attitude and behaviour towards energy efficiency.

The research has revealed that the majority of Britain wants to become more energy efficient, with more than two thirds of Leeds residents (62 per cent) citing a lack of education as a barrier to achieving this.

Leeds respondents also felt manufacturers could do more to create energy-efficient products (87 per cent), with more than three quarters (also 87 per cent) believing that Government incentives should be introduced.

Overall British people think that they can only make small savings, with 68 per cent of people thinking they can save just £100-£250 according to research by Bosch UK.

In reality, figures from the Energy Saving Trust suggest that the average household could save up to £325 per year – a staggering £8.6 billion across the nation.

Bosch UK commissioned the research as part of the company’s commitment to improving energy efficiency.

Bosch invested 4.8 billion Euros in 2012 in R&D, more than 45 per cent of this research is on technologies that protect the environment and conserve resources.

Peter Fouquet, president of Bosch UK, said:

“The current rising cost of energy is an issue for us all. However, few of us realise that there are existing solutions for Britain’s households to improve their energy efficiency and save money.”

It is not just through company practices and products that Bosch UK is using to improve Britain’s energy efficiency.

In addition, to help Britain become more energy efficient the company has created a top-tips providing advice and simple measures on how to improve energy efficiency.

This is available at, and @BoschUK.

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