Dragonfly says be aware of Google’s Hummingbird!

South Yorkshire-based public relations firm Dragonfly PR, is calling on local businesses to carefully consider their online marketing strategy for the year ahead following the biggest change to Google since 2001.

Google has introduced a major change to its search algorithm known as “Hummingbird”.

Rather than looking for exact matches of keywords, the search engine now aims to understand what the person is searching for and why in order to produce better search results for its users.

Rebecca Coupe, digital account executive at Dragonfly PR, said:

“The upshot of the Hummingbird update is that marketing managers need to be paying more attention to publishing content online that it is genuinely interesting, informative and original.

“It’s vital for businesses to be aware of the recent changes to Google as there are still lots of SEO companies around who will focus almost exclusively on keywords.

“This simply won’t get the results that businesses are looking for so they are unlikely to see a return on investment.”

Dragonfly PR, which has its own specialist search engine optimisation (SEO) department in-house, is urging marketers to build their online strategies for 2014 around PR and content marketing.

Rebecca added:

“SEO is not dead and there is no longer a gap between SEO and PR, as strong content is the key to success in both fields.

“With over 80 per cent of people using search engines to find a product or service, it’s vital for businesses to stay up to date with the latest changes to search and adapt their strategy to ensure that their website can be found online.”

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