Bio-D supports World Vegan Month with a staff pledge

Directors at Hull based ethical products manufacturer are showing their allegiance to the Vegan Society by pledging to follow a vegan diet for a week during World Vegan Month.

Between November 18 and 24, Bio-D’s chairman Sara Holtby, managing director Lloyd Atkin and PR consultant Tracey Baty will forgo meat, fish, eggs and dairy products in support of their vegan friends and customers.

Sara Holtby  said:

“Bio D is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of Vegan Society approved, environmentally responsible and ethically sound cleaning products and we like to support charities with similar values to ours.

“None of our products contain animal by-products or have ever been tested on animals and we’re proud to have been registered by the Vegan Society for over 15 years.

“The Vegan Society Trademark reinforces our high welfare and ethical standards and reassures our customers that, not only do our products not cost the earth, but they don’t endanger any of the animals that we share it with.”

Samantha Calvert from the Vegan Society said:

“We’re very grateful that Sara, Lloyd and Tracey are helping us to raise awareness of the benefits of veganism by trying some delicious and nutritious vegan food.”

The team’s progress can be followed on the Bio-D blog, on twitter @thebiodcompany and on facebook

World Vegan Month starts with World Vegan Day on 1 November to celebrate the founding of the world’s first Vegan Society on that day in November 1944.

The word “vegan” was chosen by founder Donald Watson and his “non-dairy vegetarians” to describe their diet.

Watson took the first and last two letters of ‘vegetarian’ to create this new word. World Vegan Month is organised by the Vegan Society and its aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and encourage them to try some delicious and nutritious vegan food.

Bio-D is an independent, ethically motivated company that is dedicated to promoting the use of environmentally responsible detergents.

It manufactures environmentally responsible cleaning and laundry products that are UK made, effective, biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

They are produced from sustainable, naturally derived raw materials and do not contain chlorine or optical brighteners.

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