Yorkshire Hack Day helps to get heart charity pumping

Geeks, techies and web-lovers will gather in Yorkshire later this month for a one day digital make-over on behalf of one of the UK’s top charities.

We Love The Web, a digital marketing agency based in Hebden Bridge, has come up with a clever way to support Heart Research UK, the country’s second biggest heart charity.

Rather than raising money in the traditional sense, We Love The Web is gathering together regional experts in the fields of IT, digital media and technology for a Hack Day.

The Yorkshire-based charity has created a wish list of digital marketing problems it needs help with – and the experts at the Hack Day will spend 500 minutes devising solutions and creating tools which the charity can use for social media, blogs, apps, marketing and videos.

Frank Fenten, managing director of We Love The Web, came up with the idea to celebrate his company’s 10th anniversary and 500th project.

The Hack Day is on Saturday, November 30 from 10am to 6.30pm at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

There will be 10 teams, to signify the 10th anniversary of We Love The Web, who will work for 500 minutes on the projects.

Frank said:

“We wanted to do something special to commemorate our 10th birthday, something a bit more worthwhile than a massive booze-up.

“We’re working with Heart Research UK because, although it’s a national charity, they are based nearby in Leeds and it’s good to support a local organisation.

“Well, that and because when we were discussing which charity to support, I glanced up at our logo and couldn’t help but notice that it’s a massive heart.

“It seemed an appropriate fit.

“Times are hard at the moment and it can be a challenge raising funds.

“We thought creatively about ways to help without just asking people for money.

“So, we’re harnessing the skills and expertise of the North’s brilliant digital sector, asking people for their knowledge and time to develop digital marketing tools that could be invaluable to Heart Research UK.

“Digital marketing can be complicated, so we will simplify it for Heart Research UK and build them something of lasting value.

“We are still looking for people to join in on the tech day so if you can spare a few hours and are willing to share your skills for a good cause, we would love to hear from you.”

Heart Research UK has identified a number of digital and technical issues it needs help with. These include:

– Creating GPS based ‘challenge trackers’ using fitbit or mobile phones for use in sporting challenges: so people can track and upload how many million steps they’ve taken for heart research, how many miles run, feet climbed, pedals pushed.

– Totalisers for tracking how much money each campaign has raised.

– Facebook apps. pulling in the latest news and photos from the Heart Research UK website.

– Setting up blogs where “heart champions” can showcase their fundraising

– Patient diaries so volunteers can see just how their work is helping real people.

– Flickr/Instagram/maps/calendar mash-ups to show where and when people are raising money for heart research.

– Community-based event support tool so people can support each other in advance of the event and then share the glory after

– Creating a mobile-friendly site or app to make it easier for people to fundraise, interact and donate

– Maps/event/calendar tools so that people can see events in their area

– Creating a game to show people how to keep a healthy heart

– ‘Social media strategy in a day’ giving advice on making the most of You Tube channels, Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and other low-cost/no-cost tools that allow Heart Research UK to get the word out

Each of the ten teams will take a project and at the end of the day, the charity will have a bank of tools and information at its disposal.

Barbara Harpham, national director of Heart Research UK, said:

“As soon as we heard about this really different way of supporting us from We Love The Web, we loved the idea, because it’s an ideal way for two Yorkshire success stories to get together to help in the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

“It’s a very generous offer which will bring us bang up to date with the newest ways of telling people about Heart Research UK and how they can get involved.”

To get involved in the Hack Day please email info@welovetheweb.com

Jen Garrick and Frank Fenten, of We Love The Web, are hosting a Hack Day to support Heart Research UK



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