Business support for out of work over 50s

A charity dedicated to supporting out of work over 50s explore self-employment is coming to Selby to host an interactive business training workshop to help aspiring mature entrepreneurs start up their own businesses.

This is the first time The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) has delivered one of their workshops in Selby and the latest offering from the charity is set to take place on the afternoon of Thursday, 28 November 2013 at the Selby District Association of Voluntary Service.

On the day, PRIME will introduce self-employment as a viable option for the over 50s, covering issues such as the benefits of starting an enterprise and how to develop a business idea.

And for aspiring mature entrepreneurs who want to start 2014 embarking on a new direction in life, PRIME will be facilitating a comprehensive business training course in York on 9 January.

This will include three classroom days, spread over six weeks, covering the building blocks essential to any start-up business, including marketing, accounting and how to write a business plan.

The importance of small businesses to the UK’s economy is paramount, employing more than 14 million people, with a combined turnover of £1,500 billion, and of all businesses, 62.7 per cent were sole proprietorships.

In Selby there are 9,100 people who work for themselves and PRIME promotes self-employment as a viable route into sustainable work, which could be a possible alternative for the 3,900 economically inactive 50 to 64-year-olds in the area.

Terry King, PRIME’s northern development manager, said:

“Youth unemployment tends to dominate the headlines but young people aren’t the only ones struggling to find work.

“Our services are designed specifically for mature people and we aim to help the over 50s learn exactly what is involved in starting a business, as well as building up their skills and confidence, before they invest too much of their time and money.”

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