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Yorkshire laundry firm creates world first with bark activated washing machine

A -based laundry specialist has devised and launched the world’s first washing machine which is activated by a dog’s bark.

Specialist assistance dogs trained by national are opening and closing the revolutionary machine developed with Services innovative – and in partnership with manufacturer Miele Professional.

The “Woof to Wash” washer has a voice activated switch which turns the machine on when the dog barks.

Inventor , MD of JTM, said:

“We developed this machine because mainstream products with complex digital controls seldom meet the needs of the disabled user.

“We had already created a single programme, one button machine, to make life easier for people with a range of different needs.

“When we heard about the amazing work Support Dogs does, the ‘Woof to Wash’ was an obvious next step.”

Duffy with washing in mouth
Duffy with washing in mouth

, director of operations for Support Dogs in Sheffield, said:

“Doing your own laundry is something most of us take for granted.

“Thanks to JTM’s revolutionary machine, support dogs of all sizes can load the machine, bark to turn it on and, with the push of paw, open the door and unload the washing.”

Plans are underway for the ground breaking machine to enhance the quality of life and independence for thousands of people with wide ranging disabilities across the .

John Middleton added:

“A voice-activated washing machine, combined with a single 40 degree wash cycle and facility to automatically dispense the correct amount of detergent, could be invaluable to people who are visually impaired, have manual dexterity problems, autism or learning difficulties.”

Founded in Leeds in 1983 by MD John Middleton, JTM Service provides laundry facilities and services for more than 100 social housing providers and 800 care homes from the Scottish Borders to the Midlands.

Support Dogs provide, train and support specialist assistance dogs to provide help with everyday tasks for people with physical disabilities, give advanced warning of seizures for people with epilepsy and provide safety and support for children with autism and their families.

Woof to Wash 1
Woof to Wash

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