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Three-star sustainability rating success for Samuel’s at Swinton Park

Samuel’s Restaurant at Swinton Park, North Yorkshire, has been awarded a three-star sustainability rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The three-star rating is only granted to exceptional restaurants that meet the criteria set by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The SRA are a non-profit organisation that nationally assesses restaurants for their environmental awareness and workplace sustainability.

The ratings given provide restaurants with recognition of their sustainability efforts.

Samuel’s at Swinton Park was granted a 97 per cent score for their “society” awareness, which takes into consideration criterion such as portion sizes, healthier food alternatives, the responsible marketing and promotion of environmental information as well as general community engagement.

The restaurant was also awarded an exceptional mark of 88 per cent in their Environmental awareness.

This was achieved by taking measures to increase the efficiency of waste and water management and making improvements to energy efficiency policies.

The report produced by the SRA stated that Samuel’s restaurant has invested considerable effort to reduce its environmental impact, including sustainable workplace resources and innovative solutions to energy and water saving issues.

The SRA also stated that Samuel’s restaurant was consistent across all three pillars of the SRA’s sustainability rating and they have expressed a high level of commitment towards sustainable practises.

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