Yorkshire Hack Day proves success for heart charity

Yorkshire-based charity Heart Research UK has an arsenal of new fundraising tools following a hack day organised by digital marketing company, We Love The Web.

The Hack Day involved techies, design pros and web-lovers coming together to give the Leeds charity a free digital makeover.

The one-day event took place on Saturday at Hebden Bridge Town Hall and the resulting marketing and fundraising collateral will help Heart Research UK further promote its cause and save lives.

We Love The Web, which is based in Hebden Bridge, came up with the clever way to support Heart Research UK, to mark its own 10th anniversary and 500th project.

Frank Fenten, managing director at We Love The Web, said:

“No single piece of the web puzzle is hard. The skill comes in tying all together.

“No one person could ever have all the skills and knowledge to do this all alone.

“That’s why it was great that everyone; designers, developers, social media types and marketers, worked together so brilliantly on the day.

“Together, we’ve made some great marketing tools that Heart Research can use to fundraise better.”

The day ended with some great results for Heart Research UK, which is Britain’s second largest heart charity.

The charity now has a retro online game, social media training resources and an online ‘Heart Diary’ which will allow both fundraisers and patients to blog about how their event is going.

The teams also created a totaliser application which will allow users to keep a track of how much money they have raised for their charity.

Plus the initial concept for an ongoing smartphone application project emerged from a team on the day.

Barbara Harpham, national director for Heart Research UK, said:

“It was such an experience just to be in a room with such clever people.

“The team showed us the potential of just what can be done and the opportunities that they could give us using their expertise and innovative ideas.

“It was a real eye-opener and will change how we raise awareness and fundraise for our charity.”

Heart Research UK is a visionary charity that funds ground-breaking medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease and helps people live healthier, happier longer lives.

The Hack Day at Hebden Bridge Town Hall

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