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NG Bailey receives first order for its water sampling kiosks

Yorkshire-based NG Bailey has received its first order of offsite manufactured water sampling kiosks from .

Traditionally, the individual design and onsite construction of water sampling kiosks – the facility from which water companies take samples of reservoir water for pollutant testing – has been costly and time-consuming.

Anglian Water approached NG Bailey – the ’s leading independent engineering, services and facilities services business – and asked to develop an offsite solution using technologies and materials that would reduce its embodied and operational carbon footprint.

In response, NG Bailey has developed solar-powered sampling booths, which are fully pre-fabricated at the company’s offsite facility in – making the construction process quicker, easier and cheaper, offering tangible benefits to customers. The kiosks can be delivered and operational in just one day.

NG Bailey, which is headquartered in Ilkley, worked with Anglian Water to create an initial prototype of the product and delivered it to site, so it could be tested by the people who carry out the regulatory water sample testing.

Feedback was then gathered and the design modified to create a standard product for Anglian Water that meets its exact needs.

The company has also developed a unique foundation solution that negates the need for a standard concrete foundation.

Instead the base can be installed directly into an excavation, then backfilled. Once the base is in place, the booth can be quickly bolted on top of it.

, sector director for water at NG Bailey, said:

“Our water sampling kiosks are revolutionary and I am thrilled that we have received our first order – our commitment to innovate standard products that meet the needs of the water industry has paid off.

“The construction of a prototype allowed the Anglian employees who actually carry out the water sampling process to comment and suggest really useful improvements.

“Our ability to combine solar with modern battery and standard control systems has provided an off-the-shelf product, available to all clients.

“This is the first of a number of cost-saving products that we will be working on over the coming months and we are now working to roll out these solutions to other water companies.”

, asset standards project manager at Anglian Water, added:

“We’re very pleased with the new sampling kiosk, which has significantly reduced the onsite construction time. The inclusion of solar technology will also reduce the operational costs and carbon in the future.”



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