High quality nursery care is child’s play for entreprenuers

Bradford entrepreneurs Paul Taylor, Rachel Strong and their partners have purchased a second nursery in Bradford, supported by funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial.

The team already run the successful Ark Day Nursery and now, with the acquisition and development of the nearby Broomfield Day Nursery, will be able to provide high-quality nursery care to up to 123 children in the local community.

Based in Clayton and celebrating its 50th anniversary in April next year, the Broomfield Day Nursery is as an ideal acquisition, due to its location and future potential.

The aim is to fully refurbish and expand the facility, with current capacity for 38 children being increased by 30 more places.

The upper floor will be converted from storage and living accommodation into space for children under the age of two.

Extra staff will be employed to cope with the expansion, bringing a boost to local employment.

Rachel Strong, who qualified in childcare in 1995, seized the opportunity to take over and manage the Ark Day Nursery in 2009.

When the business was purchased, the nursery could hold 31 children – after several extensions and upgrades it can now provide 65 places and has a waiting list of a further 110 children on its books.

Rachel said:

“We have a proven track record of successfully managing a local nursery and believe we can repeat this winning formula with this new centre in Broomfield.

“There is substantial demand for high-quality childcare in the area and we know we will be able to help cut waiting lists at both of our facilities.”

Craig Daniels, relationship director for Santander Corporate & Commercial, said:

“It is great to see Rachel and Paul both use their experience to expand this business.

“The two nurseries are within 10 minutes’ drive of each other so if one nursery is full, places can be offered at the other.

“Rachael and Paul have purchased a site with real potential to grow and I’m very confident they will fulfil their aspirations.”

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