Yorkshire business listed as a firm to inspire Britain.

Saltaire-based outsource HR specialist, AdviserPlus, is celebrating after being chosen as part of The London Stock Exchange list of 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain – designed to celebrate the fastest growing and most dynamic SMEs in the United Kingdom.

Chris Clarke, chief executive of AdviserPlus, said:

“This report is produced as a result of the monitoring of 3 million registered businesses in the UK.

“Of those three million businesses just 1000, of which we are one, have been acknowledged as companies to inspire Britain.

We feel proud and privileged to be listed in this report alongside so many fantastic companies.

“It is even more gratifying to discover that we are the only HR-related business (excluding staffing and recruitment companies) in the listing.

“Successes like these are a direct consequence of the strength of service our teams provide to our clients. We certainly wouldn’t be able to sustain our continued growth without their dedication, commitment and valued contribution.”

AdviserPlus provide professional advisory services to 25,000 companies ranging from SMEs to FTSE 100 companies in the banking, telecommunications and rail sectors.

With offices in Yorkshire, it has invested heavily in its people, technology and infrastructure in order to reach key milestones of growth.

Chris added:

“The selection criteria for this list not only required companies to have shown revenue growth in at least three of the past four years, but also to have outperformed their sector peers; not just in terms of revenue, but either by growth in employee numbers, work space occupied or number of filed patents. They say they are looking for the ‘innovators of tomorrow’.”

“This is a wonderful accolade for the company and for each member of our team.

“We are a company in a hurry and we plan to employ another 140 people in the next 18 months in order to meet our growth plans.

“This is an exciting time for us as an organisation  as we look to expand internationally. With the rich pool of talent here I am confident we can achieve our ambitions.”

Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke, chief executive of AdviserPlus


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