Yorkshire company’s cooker “best in show” at Ideal Home Show

The West Yorkshire firm responsible for a new state-of-the-art cooker has been chosen as one of only 20 “Best Selected Exhibitors” at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas .

Burton Kitchenware’s sous vide cooker – which launches in 2014 – was awarded the title for its eye-catching stand and ingenious high tech cooker, beating off competition from 600 other businesses in the process.

 Burton Kitchenware managing director Richard Burton said:

“We were so surprised to receive the award but it’s great to know that other people are as excited about it as we are!

The Burton Sous Vide will radically change home cooking because it will give people the opportunity to use techniques that have up until now only been available to the professional chef.”

Richard hit upon the idea for the home sous vide when he was left to get to grips with the household tasks after his wife became ill with breast cancer.

Experiencing how difficult it was to feed a family properly without wastage he looked at how he could vacuum-pack food for preservation.

With the help of Glenelg Design – the people behind the GHD hair straightener – Richard has developed the innovative cooker which allows people to use the water bath technique at home, and works by sealing food in air-tight plastic pouches and cooking them at much lower temperatures, allowing for succulent food that’s always cooked to perfection.

With a water bath capacity of more than 13 litres, with fice litres of space for food, there’s enough for the hungriest of families.

Its temperature-controlled system and well-insulated cover mean that it is extremely energy efficient and, even at its maximum temperature, it remains safe to touch.

Christopher Hackett, editor of Show Review UK, the national magazine that awarded Burton Kitchenware, said it was a“ fantastic achievement” and the company “caught the eye of the judges and offered some impressive products”.


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