Commercial detective investigations agency arrives in Leeds

Expert investigations, a Commercial detective investigation agency, has opened a new office in Leeds.

The continued growth of Expert Investigations has also led the company to expand the team, recently employing Tamara Reidford as PR & marketing manager, to build on the continued success of the company and progress opportunities so that Expert Investigations can keep their successful momentum going.

Expert Investigations work within many large and small organisations across the UK across any sector such as; financial, construction, manufacturing, automotive, retail, legal and the public sector.

Managing director David Kearns, who is a former Warwickshire Police intelligence officer, set-up the detective investigation agency over 13 years ago, to specialise in providing confidential investigations into issues such as theft, fraud, false absenteeism, and employment issues, such as breach of contracts and restricted covenants.

The investigative methods they use vary from surveillance and observations, covert camera systems, vehicle tracking and computer forensics among others to get lawful results which enable all evidence to be used within any Court of Law.

It is estimated that each year £9.1Billion is lost to SME’s each year due to fraud which averages at £4,000 per year (FSB 2013).

Many businesses take no action at all to combat this, for many reasons such as its time consuming, they have other pressures of the job to contend with plus the uncertainty of how to tackle such a sensitive issue and the Police have no appetite to follow up investigations of this type.

Dave Kearns said:

“We save organisations money plus help instill staff morale, it’s always better to know exactly what is happening within your organisation than not.

“If you receive a tip off that a customer or employee maybe doing something unlawful that has a detrimental effect on the business, this should be investigated not ignored.

“This is where we are called upon as we will investigate the claims in the strictest of confidence to find out if there is any truth behind an allegation and if so gather the evidence to make a case.”

Expert Investigations have built a great reputation within the industry as they pride themselves on being very customer focussed plus their extensive knowledge comes from using investigators who have only come from a police and military background so are well versed in the law and how best to tackle an investigation in the strictest of confidentiality.

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David Kearns

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