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PR consultancy bags a donation for charity

A public relations consultancy in Sheffield has bags full of giving for Christmas this year!

Staff at Media on Shoreham Street has donated more than 20 bags of items for Oxfam to sell at local shops across the region.

The Oxfam Collects at Work scheme, allows employees to bring items into the office before being picked-up by the charity and distributed to be sold. 

Michael Taylor of Oxfam said:

“These donations of unwanted clothes, books, toys and games are ideal items for our local shops to sell to raise money for Oxfam’s work.”

Last year Oxfam provided support to more than 13.5million people worldwide, improving access to clean water, providing food and medicine, better sanitation and business support to communities in key locations, such as Nepal, Senegal, Malawi, Syria, South Sudan and Mali.

HR Media managing director, , said:

“The donation of items was a fun, creative and engaging way for our staff to support Oxfam. We are delighted with the response from the team and hope the items provided generate some much-needed revenue for the charity.”

For more information about the ‘Oxfam Collects at Work’ scheme visit

HR Media account manager is buried by a mountain of bags donated by the consultancy to Oxfam

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