Lighting controls likely to be home improvement of choice in 2014

Shiny new gadgets might well grab the headlines, but smart lighting will be the home improvement of choice in 2014.

LED technology and lighting controls are just some of the intelligent solutions that homeowners will be embracing in the New Year in a bid to create versatile and energy efficient lighting, according to Melanie Shaw, partner of Thirsk-based Brilliant Lighting.

The lighting expert predicts that the LED range will continue to grow in popularity and variety over the next 12 months, and prices will continue to come down.

She also envisages a growth in lighting control systems – both high end and ‘do-it-yourself’ budget solutions – as mood lighting increases in popularity.

Melanie said:

“Consumers are seeing the advantages of combining good quality LEDs with smart lighting control systems to save money with energy-efficient lighting.

“People will become increasingly educated about the different quality of LEDs as an increasing number of people install them. Unfortunately there’s a lot of very poor quality LEDs out there – everyone has experienced very cold blue white LEDs or dingy brown ones – which are giving the technology a bad name, but good quality LED fittings can be just as warm and lovely as halogen.

“Mood lighting is going to be increasingly popular and ‘plug and play’ low end control products will come onto the market – however, this should be positive for our market as people aspire to replace these with more ‘grown up’, better quality systems  and seek our lighting experts to design and install them.”

She added:

“At Brilliant Lighting we have found that high end residential customers continue to invest in creating beautiful homes and big projects are buoyant.

“What’s great news though is that we’re seeing more mid-sized projects coming back.

“In 2014 we expect the self-build market to carry on with renewed confidence.”

Brilliant Lighting is an inspirational lighting design business celebrating 10 years.

The independent family-run company employs a highly skilled team that work across the UK on projects ranging from contemporary new builds to stately homes.

Brilliant advises on all aesthetic and technical aspects of residential lighting.

Lighting expert Melanie Shaw partner at_Brilliant Lighting
Lighting expert Melanie Shaw

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