Animal feed producer invests in telecoms to enhance service

An animal feed manufacturer in Yorkshire has overhauled its telecommunications to ensure the best possible service to its customers.

Ian Mosey Feeds manufactures and supplies animal feed throughout the north of England from its high-tech mill at Hovingham, near York.

The company also operates 100 pig farms across the region and many of its customers are in remote locations where mobile telephone coverage can be limited.

However, a review of its mobile telecommunications by Wakefield-based NGC Networks has led to Ian Mosey Feeds investing in smartphones to improve communication between staff – and its customer service.

Ian Mosey Feeds director Becky Milne said:

“We’ve increased the number of staff using basic handsets and smartphones from 14 to 25 to improve the way we operate but at the same time, with NGC’s help, we have a better tariff so our line rentals have not increased significantly.

“It’s hugely important for our staff who are out on the road – feed wagon drivers, livestock drivers and stockmen – to have good two-way communication with each other and with our central office.”

NGC Networks’ review for Ian Mosey Feeds included sourcing the most appropriate network and equipment to suit the company’s business model.

The smartphones enable the livestock drivers and stockmen to clock in and out remotely, ensuring they are on the road for no more than the permitted driving hours.

NGC Networks director Nikki Guest said:

“Our work with Ian Mosey Feeds is that bit different from some of our other clients who run office-based businesses with many users.

The nature of this particular project demonstrates how many people today need good remote communications to operate efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of the company and its customers.”

Richard Chilton and Nikki Guest 1
Richard Chilton and Nikki Guest

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