Private care company backs Government stance on mental health

The chief executive of an organisation providing health and social care services  for vulnerable adults has welcomed the Government’s commitment to take mental health “out of the shadows” of the NHS.

Dorothy Jarvis Lee of ubu, which cares for more than 500 vulnerable adults in the North of England and the Midlands spoke out on the day that Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, unveiled the Government’s strategy on mental health.

She applauded his remarks  but said that he now had to prove they were more than words and convert them to actions.

Dorothy said:

“Our uStep approach has helped break down the stigma that many with complex needs suffer to they can  become members of their local communities and not left on the outside.

“They flourish and thrive, becoming more independent and confident and often within weeks become less dependent on other people and the state.

“Sadly this can be undermined if they are then faced with prejudice and stigma by society.

“The Deputy Prime Minister has admitted that some commissioners do not recognise the need to treat mental health in the same way they treat physical health.

“Reinforcing the government’s strategy on mental health  should signal an end to a two tier system of healthcare that discriminates those most at risk in society.”

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