Golcar business serves up solar powered pork pies

Solar powered pork pies are set to hit Huddersfield after a Golcar farm shop turned to renewable energy to boost business.

Bolster Moor Farm Shop, which sells award-winning pies and sausages along with a range of other meat and groceries, has had 160 solar panels fitted onto the roof of its shop and cattle barn in a bid to reduce its hefty energy bills.

Joint owners Simon Haigh and Andrew Whitwam investigated renewable energy after seeing energy bills rise to £50,000 a year.

Now, shoppers can be assured their mouth-watering meat is sustainably sourced as the farm is now powered by its own green energy.

Simon said:

“Electricity is a big expense to business – we were spending about £1,000 a week on bills with fridges running 24/7 and large industrial ovens fired up from 2am when our bakers start work.

“When we spoke to Solarlec we realised we could significantly reduce our electricity bills by using solar panels.”

Bolster Moor’s bustling farm shop and café are open for business seven days a week.

Simon added:

“The panels were installed quickly and we hardly notice they’re there.

They’re already performing well so we’re confident that we will be saving money on our electricity bills and getting a regular and significant income from the government feed-in tariff scheme.”

Bolster Moor Farm Shop has turned to renewable energy

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