Ilkley Brewery flies the flag for UK cask ales in Atlanta

Ilkley Brewery’s managing director Chris Ives is heading stateside to take part in the tenth annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting event, where four of the brewery’s real ales will be put through their paces.

Four UK breweries will be showcasing cask ales at the event – Harviestoun, Hawkshead, Thornbridge and Ilkley – which provides a rare opportunity for US beer aficionados to sample cask conditioned ales which UK breweries are famed for.

With US breweries largely producing keg beers, the event gives British breweries, like Ilkley, the chance to present cask ale as a distinctly different option.

Chris said:

“Alongside the four UK breweries, there will also be a host of US breweries exhibiting their cask ales so I’m really looking forward to tasting some new and different US conditioned beers. 

“As well as being a great overseas PR exercise, events likes these are also invaluable for research.

“We all aspire to make exceptional beers so chatting to other brewers and swapping ideas and new tricks can be a great way to enhance our knowledge base.

“We are hoping our US importer will begin to place regular and more varied orders from us throughout the year.

“Interest is largely in our higher ABV beers such as Mary Jane IPA, which we brewed specifically for the US market, as well as others such as Siberia and The Mayan which are big on hops and flavour.”

He added:

“It’s very encouraging to see the export side of our business take off as it gives us a great incentive to pursue other markets.

“Countries we are currently exploring include Canada and China while Scandinavia remains on our radar following a seasonal shipment of Holy Cow back in December.”

Ilkley Brewery director Richard Shelton prepares another delivery
Ilkley Brewery director Richard Shelton


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