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Education Secretary praises Calderdale learning technology company

Michael Gove has praised a Calderdale educational company duing a keynote speech to Bett, the world’s largest education event.

He singled out education solutions provider Halifax-based Frog, which, he said, “is transforming how technology is used in schools in 14 different countries”.

Frog, addedhad developed “the world’s first project to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform, in .

All 10,000 state schools and 10 million users are being provided with 4G connectivity to Frog’s virtual learning platform – so no matter where students live in the country, they all have access to the same, high-quality resources and content.”

The Education Secretary highlighted the progress of the businesses to demonstrate how new products and technologies had transformed our industries and workplaces within our lifetimes.

He argued that his required an “open, creative and adaptive” education system – one “which is open to innovation, which can use technology creatively to advance learning and which is structured flexibly to adapt to change.”

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