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Thermal experts helps warm up Leeds commuters

A Yorkshire based thermal clothing company has brought a little winter warmth to employees and commuters at railway station.

In a bid to make working in the cold winter weather a little easier, Damart not only donated much needed thermal clothing to ’s station staff, but also gave commuters the opportunity to see the benefits of wearing a thermal layer as part of its “Warming the Nation” campaign.

On Tuesday, Damart also put its famous thermals to the test using the latest infrared thermographic .

Commuters passing through Leeds railway station were scanned as they walk past the thermal imaging booth which was located on the platform footbridge.

As they pass by, the thermal imaging camera highlighted where the commuters are losing heat and gave them the opportunity to try a thermal and see the effect it has on body heat loss.

Phil Anderson, marketing and e-commerce director at Damart, said:

“This event showcased how our thermals do their job and really showed station staff and commuters how beneficial a Damart thermal layer can be.

“Some people think that thermals are old fashioned but with such a stylish, colourful range and the biggest range of grades for all seasons, they are as relevant today as ever.

“The infrared technology shows a Damart thermal layer does work and is essential in keeping the chill at bay.

“Station staff at Leeds work hard in sometimes very cold conditions and we’re delighted to be helping keep them warm.”

Anthony Walker, director of specialist thermal imaging company, ThermoSurvey, said:

“Thermographic technology is used across all industries to show exactly where people, machinery, even buildings, are losing the most heat.

“In Damart’s case, the benefit of a thermal is not to be underestimated as lost body heat can be reduced from 34°C to just above 22°C!”

, managing director for Northern Rail, said:

“Our teams on the ground at Leeds; whether it be despatchers, station porters, gateline operators or customer service advisors, definitely feel the cold the most when the temperature drops during winter.

“This fantastic donation of Damart’s famous thermals will help keep them warm while keeping our customers on the move.”

Damart’s thermals work by trapping warm air between the skin and the cloth and wicking away moisture, keeping you both warm and dry.

Thermal imaging event
staff Dawn Wilby and Raj Phull Phull and Damart’s handing over thermals for staff


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