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Monkbar Hotel helps Italian comic shop owner write new chapter in career

A York is helping an Italian comic shop owner write the next chapter in his working.

– who was forced to shut his business after dwindling sales and competition from on-line book stores – has been the learning the food and beverage ropes at the  , after being accepted on to an EU-funded scheme.

The forty-year-old, from Pavia, will spend a total of three-months working in the 99-bedroom hotel’s restaurant and learning the skills need to become a manager.

Dario said:

“I had run my comic shop for many years but sadly I had to close. I just could not compete with the internet, and the youngsters in Pavia are more interested in mobile phones and scooters.

“Thanks to an EU scheme, which helps people get back in to work, I am spending 12 weeks in the Monkbar Hotel.

“It is teaching me new skills, helping me improve my English, and hopefully will enable me to get a full-time job in the when I finish.”

Best Western Monkbar Hotel general manager said:

“Dario is proving to be a very good worker, and he’s very popular with colleagues and customers alike.

“Learning a new career is never easy – particularly in a foreign country – but in the short time he has been with us, Dario has learned a great deal and I’m confident he won’t have any problem finding a job.”

Dario Valleti, who is getting valuable hospitality experience at York’s Best Western Monkbar Hotel

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