FSB provides members with marketing options

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has joined forces with Sheffield marketing agency Shelton Associates to provide a service to members who cannot afford their own internal marketing resource but need help in developing a practical marketing strategy.

A facility has been agreed whereby FSB members in Yorkshire and the Humber can access 90 per cent funding courtesy of the Skills Enhancement Fund to attend “Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day – The Seminar”, where delegates will learn the 25 crucial marketing skills which are essential to drive the business forward.

They will also explore the seven steps to developing a successful marketing plan and how to monitor and implement the plan.

After completing the seminar, delegates won’t be left on their own, as they will have 3 months open entry to the Marketing Advice and Support Centre entirely free of charge.

The normal cost of the seminar is £250 plus VAT, but the 90 per cent grant funding reduces this to only £25.

Furthermore, the bonus package of three months access to the Marketing Advice and Support Centre is alone worth an additional £750 plus VAT, so the programme is valued at £1,000 for just £25 plus VAT

Businesses can discover more about the programme at: themarketingseminar-2014.co.uk

The FSB’s South Yorkshire branch chairman Andrew Flower said:

“Small and micro businesses are notoriously poor at marketing their services.

“Most businesses are good at the technical aspects of what they do, but for many the task of raising their profile on the world stage remains a mysterious art.

“Local businesses need to compete in a global economy and developing marketing skills is fundamental to business success and economic regeneration.

“We are therefore pleased to be working with Shelton Associates on this exciting project.”  

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