Benenden Health adopts revolutionary approach to TV advertising

In a media first for Benenden Health and managed by MediaCom Leeds, the mutual healthcare provider will be running a trial of innovative advertising technology, Sky AdSmart, throughout this month.

The AdSmart technology has been developed by Sky, and offers a revolutionary approach to TV advertising.

Allowing for adverts to be targeted, it means that in different Sky households the adverts displayed during the same TV programmes will differ, simply based on demographics such as age, location and lifestyle.

This is all achieved via the latest individual Sky set top boxes.

Benenden Health’s test campaign will be run throughout key TV regions in the UK focusing on specific audiences who are most likely to engage with the Benenden Health brand.

The new AdSmart technology will also ensure the advert is shown only when the specified audience is watching.   

Amy Cresswell, senior marketing manager at Benenden Health said:

“We are really excited about testing out this initiative which is is an innovative approach to the question of how to best make our adverts reach our target audience in the most effective way.

“The launch of this technology heralds the start of what promises to be a significant shift in targeted TV advertising and we are delighted to be one of the brands leading the way.

“For a brand like Benenden Health, within a very competitive market, it makes sense for us to utilise this new opportunity.

“Through AdSmart technology we can be really focused with our targeting in a way which is not currently available through traditional TV advertising.

“As a result of this we hope to see higher levels of response and engagement with the advert – driving greater brand awareness and helping to increase our membership.”

Martin Corrigan, broadcast director at MediaCom Leeds said:

“We’re delighted to work with progressive clients such as Benenden Health who understand the advancing world of TV targeting”

The Sky AdSmart activity in March will be running alongside traditional TV advertising as part of Benenden Health’s overall media strategy – running across ITV3 and other Sky and Channel 4 digital channels.

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