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Business support for over 50s in Leeds

The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) is returning to to give people over the age of 50 who aren’t in full-time work the skills and training to start their own businesses.

The latest offering from the follows a half-day introduction workshop in Leeds at the beginning of March and PRIME is now looking to deliver a three-day business training course to aspiring mature entrepreneurs, with the first of three interactive workshops taking place on 31 March.

The course, which is spread over eight weeks and includes coursework, is going to be held at the Playhouse and will take people over the age of 50 through the challenging process of starting a business, including managing , understanding legal requirements and how to write a business plan.

To further support the over 50s, PRIME is hosting a business club on April 2, at the Enterprise Foundation, which is located in Headingly and provides affordable office space and support.

On the day, people will be able to network with other business contacts and listen to business advice from a guest speaker.

Nearly 300 people from Leeds have contacted PRIME for help in starting a new business and as a result, the charity has previously delivered training workshops and networking events to aspiring mature entrepreneurs in the area.

There are currently 45,400 people who work for themselves in Leeds and PRIME promotes self-employment as a viable route into sustainable employment, which could be a possible alternative for the 6,400 unemployed over 50s in the area.

, general manager at The Enterprise Foundation, said:

is vital that entrepreneurs are given the right environment to develop their ideas and we’re delighted to be supporting PRIME with their business clubs, encouraging older workers to start their own enterprises.”

, PRIME’s Development Manager, said:

“Older people are more likely to be out of work for a long time, more so than any other age group, and this is a shocking state of affairs.

“We want to see unemployed people over the age of 50 make a real difference to their lives and setting up their own businesses could lead to independence, as well as benefits for their families, local communities and the wider economy.”

Further details can be found at or by telephoning 0845 862 2023.

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