Yorkshire SMEs must act now to get first slice of €3.3bn R&D fund

Tomorrow will see SME support organisation Pera Technology urge Yorkshire manufacturers and engineers to take full advantage of a new multi-billion-Euro fund in order to develop new products.

The first “Phase 1” funding call deadline for the €3.3 billion Dedicated SME Instrument (DSI), part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is set for 18 June 2014, but with applications taking anywhere from one to three months, Pera Technology is keen to ensure Yorkshire businesses are fully prepared.

Being held at MAGNA Adventure Science Centre, Rotherham, from 8.30am-10am, the event will offer a brief on Horizon 2020 funding as well as advice on the most successful way to access “Phase 1” funding, where businesses can claim up to up to €50,000 to quickly prove the feasibility of a concept within three to six months.

The event will also cover ways to optimise success through “Phase 2”, during which each project can claim up to €3 million for further research and new-product development.

Speaking about the significance of Horizon 2020 and the DSI, Pera Technology’s, Lucy Davies, who is responsible for leap® in the Yorkshire area, said:

“Horizon 2020 and the Dedicated SME Instrument represent an enormous opportunity for SMEs here in Yorkshire.

“The first phase of funding is crucial for proving the feasibility of a project to get it up and running.

“As the first deadline isn’t too far away, we really want to make sure businesses are aware of the opportunities that are available to them.

“The DSI differs from predecessors as an SME doesn’t need to join a larger consortium to receive funding, offering them a much greater level of flexibility and autonomy.

“We secured in excess of €87 million on behalf of small and medium sized businesses during the EU’s Framework Programme Seven fund and are looking to more than triple this during the seven years of Horizon 2020.”  

To coincide with Horizon 2020, Pera Technology has launched its leap® package of business support services.

It covers all aspects of new product development from idea conception, feasibility evaluation and securing funding, right through to an in-depth research and development programme and commercialisation.

To find out further information, and to register for the event, please visit: www.peratechnology.com/events.

To find out more about Horizon 2020 and the funding that will be made available visit www.peratechnology.com.

Lucy Davies

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