NHS WSYB CSU appoint former Plusnet chief information officer

NHS West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit (WSYB CSU) have announced that Mark Dundon, formerly chief information officer (CIO) with Plusnet, the Sheffield-based internet service and telephony provider, has joined the organisation as chief technology officer (CTO).

Mark, who lives in Sheffield, joins WSYB CSU’s senior team and will head up the organisation’s Technology and Intelligence business unit.

As CTO, Mark oversees more than 250 members of staff working across areas including business intelligence, project management, software development and networking as well as IT and desktop support services.

Mark has recently been shortlisted for www.cio.co.uk’s list of the top 100 UK CIOs, and brings with him a great deal of expertise gained in the financial services and telecoms industries.

During his career to date Mark has seen significant success in increasing market competitiveness and directly influencing business growth (profit and size), as well as implementing and delivering technology transformation to achieve better and stronger service delivery.

Mark has also worked globally, overseeing projects and assignments across Asia, specifically in Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

WSYB CSU is a nationally recognised leader in the provision of transformational healthcare commissioning support services, and while CSUs are currently governed by NHS England, they have been set a target of attaining self-sufficiency as autonomous organisations by 2016.

Mark said:

“On the face of it it’s quite a steep challenge to go from a fast-paced telecommunications network operator to a commissioning support unit, but there are similarities.

“Both the telecoms and healthcare markets are constantly changing, be it due to technological advances or outside influences, and the work the CSU is doing and the direction in which the organisation is moving really excites me.”

While Mark has enjoyed great success in telecommunications, the decision to join WSYB CSU was made easier given the important part the NHS has played in his life in recent years.

He added:

“When our twins were younger they were seriously ill and were saved by the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

“I made a decision at that time to at some point in my career look for an opportunity to give something back to the NHS and in some way hopefully make a difference.”

This move means that David Freeman, head of WSYB CSU’s Communications business unit, is no longer the newest member of the organisation’s senior team.

David was previously director of NHS North, Midlands & East Communications Services, which became part of WSYB CSU in October 2013, and continues to oversee this as well as communication services provided to clinical commissioning groups and other organisations in West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

David was permanently appointed in February 2014.

WSYB CSU managing director Alison Hughes said:

“These are exciting times for our organisation.

“We’re rapidly moving forwards through a constantly changing landscape and it’s vital that we remain commercially focused and customer-driven while retaining our NHS ethics and values.

“David will be great assets to us, not only in ensuring we continue to deliver market-leading services to customers and NHS service users, but also in helping us prepare for our future.”

Mark Dundon WSYB CSU chief technology officer
Mark Dundon WSYB CSU chief technology officer


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