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NG Bailey’s innovative energy solution will help Morrison’s save millions

Bailey and US partner, Elutions, have signed a five-year, multi-million pound deal with Morrisons, to roll-out – an innovative offering that delivers guaranteed cost savings through operational optimisation, including significant reductions in energy usage.

Following the successful roll-out of phase one across 105 of the retailer’s 500-store estate, Morrisons is currently realising an initial target energy saving in the region of 16 per cent.

Phase two has now commenced, which will see the solution deployed across its remaining portfolio of 395 stores, throughout the , which is due to be completed by October this year.

Rare Energy utilises Elutions’ unique platform to identify, manage and reduce a company’s energy usage through better performance of its existing assets, either in one single location or on an enterprise scale.

, head of energy for Morrisons, said:

“In support of our carbon reduction target of reducing our absolute carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2020, we are considering a number of approaches to energy efficiency.

“Applying this framework gives us the opportunity to dig deeper into the performance of our stores and the results so far speak for themselves.

“The system allows us to apply a step-by-step process to understanding the assets and processes that drive energy demand and operational cost, and to apply appropriate fixes without impacting our customers’ experience.

“In addition to managing down a significant cost to our business, the system allows us to fully understand and control our use of energy. 

“Rare Energy will support our fit for the future programme in considering UK wide initiatives to balance demand with potential intermittent generation.”

, NG Bailey’s group business development director, said:

“This is a risk-free investment with the ability to reduce Morrisons’ energy usage by as much as 30 per cent over a five-year period, it will also benefit the company’s on-going maintenance regime.

We’re so confident about the offering, we’ve guaranteed that they will, at the very least, see a pay back on their investment within a defined timeframe.

“You only need consider the energy consumed and the operational budget across a typical estate to realise the cost reductions this will represent for a company like Morrisons in the coming years.

“We look forward to working with them to realise the full potential of this innovative solution.”

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NG Bailey signs a five-year, multi-million pound deal with Morrisons

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