Wakefield orthodontist puts smiles faces of Third World children

CAKES aren’t usually recommended by dental professionals but Wakefield orthodontist, Catherine McCanny is hoping her homemade cupcakes will put smiles on the faces of Third World children.

Usually extolling the virtues of healthy eating – for one week only – she and her team at St Michael’s Orthodontics in Dewsbury Road are baking cakes for patients to raise money for Operation Smile.

In National Smile Month the team hope they can beat last year’s achievement of being able to raise enough cash for treatment for two patients.

Catherine said:

“Operation Smile raises money to treat cleft palate, cleft lips and other facial deformities that often cause other health problems.

“The cost of braces or dental realignment for a child  through Operation Smile is about £150.

“Last year we smashed our target to raise more than £300.  Hopefully this year we will beat that too!

“The team loving getting involved, our patients appreciate the effort and dig deep and the occasional sweet doesn’t harm anyone.”

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