Businessmen set to invade theme park

One of Yorkshire’s theme parks is set to come under attack today, when members of Yorkshire Rotary invade for the day.

Egged on by more than 600 children from around the region, they will tackle the rides fuelled by sweets and ice cream at Lightwater Valley in North Yorkshire.

The day trip is sponsored by members of Yorkshire Rotary and Inner Wheel who have raised the £10,000 to send some of the county’s most disadvantaged children there for a day of unfettered fun.

The Rotarians will play a supporting role ensuring that no one missed out on any of the excitement.

Many of the children are disabled and will be going with their carers while for many others it is a once in a lifetime trip.

Willie Clark, who is MD of Shipley based Partline said it was the highlight of the year for everyone and not just the children.

He added:

“We know the kids get a  lot out of it – they tell us and their carers always say it is a great event for them but to be honest our members look forward to it too,” he said.

“It gives us a chance to see our work in action because much our money is used after we have given it away.

“The children get to go on all the rides, run around in the fresh air and have all the treats they might not normally be able  to enjoy.”

“We ask our members to volunteer to come along but they don’t need much persuading.”

Businessmen sponsor fun day at Lightwater Valley


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