Employee celebrates 25 years at Sheffield manufacturing firm

A Sheffield manufacturing company employee is celebrating a quarter of a century of service.

When Simon Dinnigan, 46, started at Birley Manufacturing 25 years ago, interest rates were 15 per cent, the first release of Microsoft Office happened in this year and Toyota introduced the Lexus.

Things have certainly moved on since then and over the years Birley has gone from strength to strength, diversifying into a broad range of market sectors to become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers for interior environments and rail carriage equipment.

Simon started with the company as a guillotine operator in the machine shop at Barlows, Birley’s sister company, and has worked his way up to his current role as a welder in the fabrication shop.

Simon works predominantly on fabricating under-carriage skirts for rail carriages for companies such as First Great Western. 

These underframe skirts play a vital role in maintaining safe rolling stock, protecting the electrical services, batteries and ancillary equipment sited under the train.

Birley managing director Steve English presented Simon with a long service gift and thanked him for his commitment and hard work.

He said:

“It is thanks to staff members like Simon that Birley has achieved such success.

“We are able to move forward knowing that the quality of workmanship at Birley is second to none, due to the enthusiasm and attention to detail from skilled workers such as Simon.

“I look forward to many more years with Simon on the team.”

Birley Manufacturing have been specialists in the rail metal fabrication sector for over a decade and are the UK’s largest supplier of under-carriage skirts.

There is not a high speed train (HST) fleet on the network that does not have some of Birley’s under frame skirts fitted and they continue to perform this vital role thanks to the meticulous attention to detail of skilled workers like Simon.

Simon Dinnigan
Simon Dinnigan (left) with Birley managing director Steve English


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