Consultancy reduces business costs in Yorkshire

A new consultancy service has launched to help Yorkshire businesses cut and manage running costs and increase profitability.

The Leeds branch of BCR Associates can help businesses of all sizes by identifying opportunities to dramatically reduce spend on a wide range of overheads and release hidden profits back into the business.

The cost free service will provide businesses with access to a specialist procurement team, who are able to negotiate contracts and secure exclusive deals on essential running costs.

The average business benefits from a 27 per cent reduction in running costs and what makes the consultancy unique in the North of England is that 100 per cent of cost savings are passed onto the client.

BCR Associates works with clients to review expenditure on current overheads and then creates a summary of potential savings.

The consultancy handles the whole changeover process across the entire portfolio of services such as; electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance, staff, finance, vehicles, etc.

Having saved over £6 million for UK businesses to date, the model is tried and tested.

This expansion into the North is being managed by father and daughter team, Michael O’Grady and Gemma Sandy.

The pair already run a successful company and decided that there was an opportunity to offer even more services to businesses in the region with a focus on saving money and maximising profitability.

Michael said:

“BCR Associates offers businesses a risk free proposition for reducing overheads and streamlining operational costs.

“Our network has preferential access to data, information and tariffs which ensure that we source the very best deal available to each client.”

Gemma added:

“We’re delighted to bring BCR Associates to the North.

“We know that post recession many companies are keen to maintain lean running costs and this is an area in which we excel.

“Nine out of ten businesses stay with BCR Associates year after year and we’re looking forward to bringing the benefits to businesses in Yorkshire.”

Michael O’Grady

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