Bespoke British sofa maker doubles production and turnover

Bespoke British sofa maker, Delcor, is celebrating after doubling production over the past year, thanks to a surge in demand for handmade quality furniture, as consumer confidence continues to grow.

Since owner Rick Petini and his wife Janet took over the established business in 2009, turnover has doubled from £1.8 million to £3.9 million.

The company has invested £32,000 employing more skilled staff, restructuring the factory, training and tools to meet increased demand for handmade British furniture.

Formed over 45 years ago at the company’s 4,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Northumberland, skilled Delcor staff create all sofas and chairs.

It has five showrooms across key UK locations, including Harrogate, the Kings Road in Chelsea, Altrincham, Stamford and Seaton Delaval.

Rick said:

“The rise in demand for quality furniture – made in the UK – has led us to increase our head office workforce by ten in the past year alone, bringing the total to 47.

“We employ skilled, local craftsmen and women – some of whom have been with us for over 30 years.

“Our wood shop, sewing and upholstery divisions have gained more staff to meet greater demand for custom-made furniture.

“We’ve also employed an apprentice who will learn on the job within the upholstery department.

“The throw-away culture that has typified the market place in recent years is declining as buyers look for furniture that will stand the test of time.  

“The increase is in the wake of homeowners looking to invest in timeless quality that will last, rather than spending on fashion-led pieces that are not always as robust.

“A well-made piece of furniture should last for years. We’ve had customers from the 70’s come back to us and select a new fabric to be upholstered onto the original frame.

“We have introduced a 50-year frame guarantee to reflect the craftsmanship of our work.” 

Delcor md Rick Petini and team
Delcor md Rick Petini and team

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