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FlyMeNow celebrates sky high month of success

FlyMeNow, a leading private jet and helicopter charter company is celebrating a record-breaking month with bookings up by 150 per cent compared to previous years.

The York based private charter company, has revealed that June 2014 has been its best month to date and July going the same way. The private charter company had more bookings confirmed than any other month in its seven-year history. Also, the company achieved a major milestone at the beginning of the month by reaching its 1,000th private charter booked since the company was formed in 2007.

Since its inception, this one-time helicopter charter operation has become a successful business that has evolved into a world-class private jet and helicopter charter company. FlyMeNow now provides a unique, tailored and high quality service for every single one of its private charter clients from across the globe, resulting in the company becoming the go-to travel choice for thousands of passengers choosing to fly privately since 2007.

FlyMeNow credits its continued success to its dedication to providing the best possible service to its clients. Creating a personal experience for every single passenger is key to the private charter team; each booking is tailored to the requirements of the clients to create an easy and stress-free travel solution. As part of this service, the team ensures that it is available 24/7 and is able to transport people across the world, with a moments notice.

, director of FlyMeNow, comments:

“The first seven months of 2014 have been absolutely fantastic for FlyMeNow. The company is going from strength to strength thanks to the hard work of the team. We’re a relatively young charter company, compared to many of the larger established firms, but to grow at the rate we are and to have built up a strong reputation in a such short amount of time is testament to the level of service we aim to provide and the commitment to becoming the go-to travel solution for all of our passengers.

“Of course, we are not naive to the fact that compared to many large corporate jet firms, that booking its 1,000th charter might not seem that much of a major business milestone. However, we have never wished to become a ‘charter machine’. We want to remain at a personal level with our clients to ensure that every single charter runs smoothly and that clients are always looked after, something that so many larger private aviation firms seem to forget.”

In 2014 alone, FlyMeNow has booked 140 per cent more flights compared to last year, clocking up, on average, more than 150 flying hours each month.

Andrew Whitney, continues:

“As a growing company, we are always looking for new opportunities in the market to expand our ever-growing offering and to potentially reach out to whole new set of clients. This year alone has seen so many positive changes at FlyMeNow. We have welcomed a new commercial manager to the team and created a specialist division for music and entertainment clients, which so far is proving to be working out well.

“It’s our mission at FlyMeNow to build fantastic, long-lasting relationships with our passengers as well as solid, positive reputation, internationally. Every client becomes a part of the FlyMeNow family; whether it’s a regular who has been flying with us since 2007 or a new client we are introducing private aviation to for the first time. It’s this level of service that has got us to where we are today. We hope that the next 1,000 charters will create more fantastic opportunities for FlyMeNow and our passengers.”


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