Infographic brings internet’s 25-year history to life

A UK provider of IT infrastructure and support has produced an interactive infographic which takes users on a journey of the internet’s 25-year history.

Rotherham-based Onyx Group formed in 1994, just five years after the creation of the internet, and to celebrate the milestone it has created the online tool which journals key highlights of internet technology.

Stretching back to 1989, the year when Tim Berners-Lee wrote his initial proposal for the World Wide Web, the Onyx Group infographic covers all major milestones in the internet’s history.

Included in it is the White House launching its first website in 1994, Internet Explorer launching in 1995, and the founding of Facebook in a dorm room at Harvard University in 2004.

It also features a host of facts, stats and predictions, sourced from publications such as The Independent, ABC and Business Insider.

To view the interactive infographic visit  

The online tool which journals key highlights of internet technology


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