MADE: The entrepreneur festival makes the California connection

MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival has once again put together a magnificent array of speakers.

This year’s events will be complemented by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), who will be presenting a glittering event with an international flavour on the evening of 24 September.

Hosted by international speaker, author and business entrepreneur Bob Spence, the event will be launching locally a movement which began a year ago in East Yorkshire which aims ultimately to unite the business communities operating across the towns and cities making up the “Northern Gateway”.

FSB regional chairman, Gordon Millward, said:

If the UK is to be a more competitive, attractive place to do business, it needs to release and harness the latent capacity of its cities and enable those cities to punch their weight on an international scale.

“Sheffield lies at the very heart of the Liverpool – Manchester – Sheffield – Leeds – Hull ‘Northern Gateway’, making it ideally placed to champion the huge economic opportunity to work together and build on each city’s economic strengths to create a northern economic powerhouse.

“With the domination of the South-East economy, northern cities are not competing on a level playing field, which is undermining UK economic growth and hindering the UK from making full use of its economic assets.

“Our aim in staging this event is to launch a business movement to help build the ‘Northern Gateway’ economy, connect businesses, exchange ideas and assist in the process of improving connectivity of northern cities to rival the economy of the South East.

“We hope as many local businesses as possible will join us…. together we can achieve more!”

The FSB’s special guest for the evening will be Hugh Facey, Founder of Gripple™, who will explain his own unique views on the importance of building an effective network of business contacts.

There will also be a live link to Long Beach, California Chamber of Commerce, where west coast business guru Mark Nicolette will explain how anyone can become a ‘Twitter Rockstar’.

The event is free to attend. This is an exciting prospect and will fully live up to expectations!

Businesses wishing to receive information about attending the event should email

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