Women’s cyclewear gets a makeover

Women’s cyclewear has had a much needed makeover with the launch of a new flattering collection of jerseys and pedal pushers, designed specifically to fit the curvaceous body shape of women.

Following the success of the Fat Lad At the Back cyclewear collection they are proud to launch the women’s range, Fat Lass At the Back.

The range has been developed after consultation with women cyclists where the unique sizing is based on your bust, waist and hip measurements rather than the standard “L, XL” sizing, which is inaccurate, inconsistent and often leads to ill-fitting clothing, which doesn’t flatter the female form.

Shortly after the launch of Fat Lad At the Back there were lots of inspiring stories from Lads who had achieved great things through cycling; many overcoming adversities and personal tragedy; to now enjoy a healthier and generally happier life.

The kit has proven to be a real ice-breaker whilst out riding; with other riders and the public enjoying the humour and laughing with and not at the wearer, thus heightened his sense of empowerment and belonging.

As the community of Fat Lads has grown and the lads are now meeting up with each other and spotting other Fat Lads at events and whilst out riding, the girls, or should we say Lasses, have demanded to be part of it and to share the same confidence and sense of belonging, so we created a lasses range.

Fat Lass At the Back has redesigned the traditional templates to ensure the clothing fits women’s bodies better in every possible way with the range created to fit specific measurements rather than to stretch to all sizes. 

This ensures the garments ordered nearly always fit perfectly; resulting in a very low ‘returns’ percentage and a happy customer first time round.

The range has addressed two main issues with women’s cycling clothing to-date, which have been highlighted as problematic for female cyclists, namely, fit and length.

The cut of the jerseys have been tailored to follow the shape of the female body and flattering shaped side panels enhance the waist and slim the body-line.

Additional length has been added to the jerseys so wearers feel just as comfortable out of the saddle as they do in the saddle.

Lynn Bye, co-founder of Fat Lad At the Back, said:

“Our range of cyclewear for men has proved to be exceptionally popular and we found the girls, or should we say Lasses, wanted the same.

“We know that having great fitting, technical cyclewear gives such a boost to people’s confidence and enjoyment of cycling and looking good on the outside makes you feel great on the inside. 

“Working with average sized women who are also cyclists in designing the range, has given us a thorough understanding of what our customers needed”

The cyclewear which is manufactured in Italy, and features the highest quality Italian technical fabrics comes in two versions; Fat Lass At the Back and “0 per cent Fat” which has subtle branding but features exactly the same fabrics, designs and tailoring.

Lynn said:

“Although many women were adamant that they wanted a fully branded Lasses jersey, we were conscious that some might prefer a subtler version, but still wanted the benefit of the women friendly design, so we have two versions of each jersey.”


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