Scotts serves up three year sponsorship deal of Duncombe Park FC

Scotts owner Tony Webster (left) with Tommy Garbutt and the Duncombe park FC squad

A North Yorkshire fish and chip shop has served its local football team a triple portion of sponsorship!

For the next three seasons Duncombe Park FC will be sporting new home and away kit and training tops courtesy of Scotts of Helmsley.

The club, which plays in second division of the Beckett Football League, has seen a complete reversal of its fortunes from a year ago – when it struggled to put out a full squad – thanks to the efforts of joint secretaries Tommy Garbutt and Nick Allenby.

In addition to swelling the numbers of players keen to pull on a Duncombe Park FC jersey, the pair secured financial backing from Scotts to pay for the new kit.

Mr Garbutt said:

“We are very grateful to Tony for agreeing to sponsor us for three years.

“Since Tony took over Scotts it has barely been out of the headlines – that’s the reason why we went to him with our sponsorship proposal.

“We outlined our plan for the team, where we had been and where we want to be, and I was delighted when he said yes.

“The club really is on the up. We have had some fantastic new players join us and there is a renewed belief that we can do really well in the next few seasons.

“Now, thanks to Tony, every time we play at home, or away, we have a brand new kit which proudly sports the Scotts logo.

Tony Webster said:

“Scotts is very much at the heart of the Helmsley community and so is Duncombe Park FC.

“We are very protective of our brand and regularly turn down requests for sponsorship. However, this wasn’t the case when it came to Duncombe Park FC.

“Tommy put together a very compelling case and, instead of a one year deal, I offered him three years!

“And, when the club wants to host fund-raising events, they will be able to take advantage of our private dining facility.”

Tony added:

“I went to see the team in a warm up match before the season kicked off, and it was fantastic to see the players in their Scotts-branded kit. I wish them every success this and every season.”

Two months ago Tony added a second fish and chip shop to the Scotts portfolio – Bilborough, on the outskirts of York. In June, Scotts of Helmsley was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor which recognises businesses that consistently earn top ratings from tourists.

With a total of 215 reviews, the chippie has been successfully ranked as one of the top three restaurants in popular market town. More than 80 per cent of the reviewers have “recommended” Scotts, with more than 147 foodies describing it as “excellent”.

In February it was presented with the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) Fish and Chip Quality Award – putting them in the top 2.5 per cent of chippies in the country.

Scotts owner Tony Webster (left) with Tommy Garbutt and the Duncombe park FC squad
Scotts owner Tony Webster (left) with Tommy Garbutt and the Duncombe park FC squad

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