Corecom graduate from Goldman Sachs business program

Jonathan Sanderson, Director or Yorkshire IT recruitment firm, Corecom Consulting recently graduated from the Goldman Sachs Business Program in Leeds.

The program was held over a six month period with the aim of increasing jobs and business growth in the UK and the syllabus was provided by Oxford University and the University of Leeds, two of the UK’s leading educational institutions.

Jonathan, who was selected for the program earlier on in the year found the program, said:  “It was a real honour. The program has armed me with a great deal of knowledge that I feel will be beneficial in the continued success and development of Corecom.

“I have also had the privilege to meet some of Yorkshire’s finest business people.”

Andreas Xiarchos was discovered at the Leeds Met Graduate Fair a few months ago and has been with the company ever since.

He said: “Corecom offered me a fantastic career development program which has helped to develop my knowledge and skills whilst exposing me to high profile clients.

“My business acumen has improved dramatically since I started.”

The company are entering yet another period of growth, leading them to become a part of this year’s Autumn Careers Fair held by the University of Leeds.

The firm will also be working with Leeds City College this year to appoint a new Apprentice with the aim of creating a long-term career within the business. They also plan on opening brand new offices in Manchester and London in the future.

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