TV pundit opens new company offices

Justin Urquhart Stewart & Jillian Thomas

TV finance pundit Justin Urquhart Stewart joined staff and clients at the official opening of Future Life Wealth Management’s new offices near Sheffield.

Justin, famous for his red braces, is a renowned commentator on television and radio, and in newspapers and magazines.

Jillian Thomas, managing director of Future Life, said: “It was great to have Justin pop in to see our new offices and a delight to have a chance to chat over some of the topical financial issues of the day.”

Justin is co-founder and head of corporate development at Seven Investment Management, which is one of four discretionary fund managers Future Life regularly uses.

The new office at Future House on Ravenshorn Way, at Renishaw, is 1500 sq ft, which is twice the size of Future Life’s old office. The office is custom-designed and equipped with modern technology including fibre optic broadband, split-screen video conferencing facilities and online cloud storage.

Justin said: “I have to say I was impressed by the new offices. It is important that clients feel comfortable when they come for a meeting as you often need to discuss very sensitive subjects.

“But the great thing is that the new facilities mean Jillian and her team can also speak to people miles away in the comfort of their own home or office.”

Future Life Wealth Management, which was set up in February 2010, offers a bespoke financial planning service to generators and receivers of wealth, from business owners and executives to inheritors and retirees.

The company was listed in the top 100 financial advisers in the country in 2013 by The New Model Adviser, which recognises firms for their qualifications, income and commitment.

Jillian, who is due to become president of  Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2015, said: “Doubling our floor space means we can expand, employ more staff and take on more clients and continue to increase our turnover year on year.”

Justin Urquhart Stewart & Jillian Thomas
Justin Urquhart Stewart & Jillian Thomas

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