Yorkshire-wide debates set to discuss future of housing

A series of debates hosted by three of Yorkshire’s leading universities next month will discuss the challenge of how to address our future housing needs across four different events.

The Academy of Urbanism’s 4X4MakingPlaces “Where Will Our Grandchildren Live?” talks are being held at Leeds Beckett University, Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield next month and are designed to openly discuss the current housing crisis and what the future holds for us all.

Each of the events will focus on the factors impacting on the need for growth and the current housing crisis, covering new towns, urban extensions and radical ideas for change required to significantly boost housing growth with innovative solutions.

The Academy of Urbanism working in partnership with Spawforths, the largest planning and Masterplanning practice in Yorkshire, are hosting the four-lecture series, each with four expert speakers and up to 500 guests in attendance.

Within the Leeds and Sheffield City Regions, over the next 25 years, half a million new homes will be required. 

In 50 years, the number will rise to one million. 

Paul Bedwell, director of Spawforths, who are taking part in each of the debates, believes that the time is long overdue to consider how to address the future of housing. 

Paul said: “We are in the midst of a housing crisis, with a growing population and a lack of affordable homes both for sale and rent presently unable to meet housing need. 

“The situation is only going to worsen unless urgent action is taken.

“The housing market is in a constant state of flux and housing needs will increase as more businesses are encouraged to come and invest in Yorkshire to develop and strengthen our economic base. 

“This series of panel discussions are the first of their kind to take place in the Leeds and Sheffield City Regions and will feature keynote talks from international innovators and national organisations, including Shelter, the Home Builders Federation, the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, Barratt, Taylor Wimpey and many more.”

Simon Collingwood, associate director at Counter Context, a communications firm specialising in housing and development, said: “The need to thoroughly examine the future of housing has never been greater. 

“Action now will dictate how future generations will live and work in our region and the 4×4 lectures will give us a key insight into what decision makers think.”

The events will be held on 2 and 9 October at Leeds Beckett Rosebowl, 16 October at the University of Sheffield’s Octagon Theatre and at Sheffield Hallam University’s Pennine Lecture Theatre on the 23 October.

For more information about the 4×4 Making Places lectures, including how you can get involved, visit www.4x4makingplaces.info

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