Regional businesses learn more about Big Data

Businesses representatives from the Yorkshire Region have taken part in an event looking at how they can get the most out of data.

‘Big Data: Intelligence and Infrastructure’, which was organised by national provider of IT infrastructure,  Onyx Group, in partnership with fellow South Yorkshire company PointSolutions, showcased the opportunities available to companies around handling big data.

The event, which took place at Onyx’s data centre in Rotherham, included a tour of the state-of-the art facility and an open forum to discuss business needs around data.

Neil Stephenson, chief executive of Onyx Group, said: “This event provided South Yorkshire businesses with a unique opportunity to discuss the impact of ‘Big Data’ and to view the modern infrastructure we have available at our site in Rotherham.

“Most organisations have many years of historical data that is both strategically and tactically valuable. The wider question is how to manage that ‘Big Data’ for the long-term benefit of the business.

“We understand that many companies lack the internal capability to manage big data themselves, so this event addressed the issues many businesses are concerned about.

“During the session we also looked at the benefits of real-time business intelligence and explored the bigger picture around big data infrastructure, now and for the future.”

Business Intelligence was a hot topic at the session, with delegates looking at how to put the power to exploit the vast amount of data that flows through a business back into the hands of the senior management team.

“Delegates were given practical advice with a modern approach to big data illustrating how organisations can furnish themselves with the power to replicate the vast amounts of information that flows through their business, without the need for in-house business intelligence experts or expensive systems,” added Neil.

Onyx Group, which employs more than 120 staff across the country and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, provides Yorkshire businesses with access to a 250-seat workplace recovery centre and a 320 rack state-of-the-art Data Centre.

From its site in Rotherham, Onyx delivers Cloud hosting and backup, co-location, IT support, security and Business Continuity

PointSolutions is an accredited Microsoft SharePoint specialist, providing integrated collaboration and business process applications, such as human resources CRM, training, intranets and business intelligence portals.

Based at Manvers, near Rotherham, PointSolutions is one of two providers globally of a full SharePoint human resources solution and are the exclusive provider of SharePoint CRM in the UK.

Mark Walsh, managing director of PointSolutions, added: “This was a great event and a fantastic opportunity for businesses to learn more about big data and the benefits of SharePoint.

“SharePoint is ideally suited to helping business owners tap into the vast amounts of information that flows through a business and provides a means for them to analyse performance and spot future opportunities. 

“SharePoint can empower business owners to access the information they want, when they need it, without the reliance on additional resources to provide the day-to-day analytics.”

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