A new heat and power unit has been installed at a South Yorkshire leisure centre to reduce its impact on the environment and cut the venue’s energy costs by more than 30 per cent.

The combined heat and power unit (CHP) has been fitted at Hillsborough Leisure Centre, in Sheffield, to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce energy wastage.

The unit combines the production of electricity and heat in one process, which means that it generates power whilst making the usable heat generally emitted to the atmosphere available to use in the venue, rather than it being wasted.

SIV, which runs Hillsborough Leisure Centre on behalf of the Sheffield City Trust (SCT), is already seeing a reduction in the cost of energy at the venue and more than half of the electricity and heating needed for the venue is now being produced on site by the CHP.

New boilers have also been installed across the venue to complement the CHP, which alone will see an increase in energy efficiency by more than 30 per cent compared to those previously fitted.

Together, the newly installed CHP and boilers will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, which is associated with global warming and the greenhouse effect, by approximately 612 tonnes per year – the equivalent to 75.3 times round the earth in a car.

Sean Midgley, energy and environmental manager at SIV, said: “During conventional ways of generating electricity, at external power stations for example, a vast amount of the heat produced is simply wasted.

“The clouds of steam you see rising out of towers is actually this heat being lost.

“The CHP enables us to substantially reduce electricity and heat consumption by maximising use of the energy the unit produces.

“Around 50 per cent of the power that the venue needs is now produced on site, which means we are not relying solely on external sources.

“Not only does this mean we reduce our carbon output, but it enables us to keep our energy costs as low as possible without a compromise on the quality or reliability of the supply.”

SIV is part of the local charity Sheffield City Trust, which provides facilities for sport and leisure activities for the benefit of Sheffield people.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all revenue generated is reinvested back into programmes and facilities in the city.

Sean added: “By reducing our costs in this way, we can invest the money saved directly back into the venue, ensuring we can continue to provide the people of Sheffield with the best possible facilities and services, encouraging them to live more healthy and active lifestyles.”


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