Yorkshire pub is top dog for canine charity event

A brisk “hair of the dog” will be given quite another meaning at the Durham Ox, Crayke this Saturday, when it links up with dog charity The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) for its annual Meet and Greet Walk.

The event is organised to promote and highlight the re-homing of retired greyhounds, and will see up to 40 greyhounds descending on the inn at 1pm, along with the Trust’s local Northallerton group, headed up by Karen Fraser and accompanied by John Tanner Smith, who has already adopted several greyhounds from the RGT over the years. 

“The Durham Ox walk is our favourite annual event as it’s based in such a beautiful area and is such a dog-friendly pub,” said volunteer Karen Fraser, from the Northallerton branch of the RGT, which re-homes more than 4,000 greyhounds each year.

“It’s a superb ‘shop window’ for people thinking of re-homing one of these lovely animals.

“Each year, approximately 8,000 greyhounds retire from racing and it’s crucial they’re given good, caring homes to go to when their work is over.”

“It’s a real social occasion for all the dogs, owners and potential owners,” said Michael Ibbotson from The Durham Ox, who owns rescue dogs himself.

“The walk is a great opportunity for people thinking about adopting a greyhound to see them in the flesh, give them a stroke and walk them – and of course enjoy a good stroll and a pint!

“As we’ve always offered a warm welcome to dogs and dog walkers, we are delighted to be involved.”

John Tanner-Smith, who’s been a local customer of the pub for more than 15 years, said: “Michael and his wife Sasha have always been incredible supporters of our cause, and as an owner of rescue dogs himself, Michael knows what these special dogs need.”

The Durham Ox, Crayke, has linked up with The Retired Greyhound Trust

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