Yorkshire tax specialists open London office

Two former tax inspectors who launched their own specialist advisory business 18 months ago have now opened a London office.

Gary Brothers and Stephen Outhwaite, who run Independent Tax & Forensic Services LLP from bases in Harrogate and Hull, have expanded to a new location in the heart of the capital, on Broadstone Place, just off Baker Street.

The pair, who both held senior positions within HMRC before joining an international accountancy firm, have taken this step in order to service a growing number of clients based in London and the south.

Since its launch, Independent Tax & Forensic Services LLP, the firm – which provides tax and risk management advice – now boasts a portfolio of more than 120 clients, including well-known names from the world of sport and entertainment.

Gary Brothers said: “When we started our business we may have had no clients, but what we did have was plenty of contacts and optimism. Our journey so far has surpassed both our expectations.

“Because more than 60 per cent of our clients are located in the south of the country, opening a London office has become a necessity.

“It’s in a good, central location, just off Baker Street, and will, we believe, lead to more work as we won’t be perceived as being just a ‘northern’ operation.”

Stephen Outhwaite said: “The opening of our London office marks another, exciting chapter, in the Independent Tax & Forensic Services LLP story.

“Our clients range from sole traders to multi-nationals and, increasingly, those from track and field sports and the entertainment business.

“And, now that the matter of Scottish devolution has been settled, we are eyeing opportunities north of the border too.”

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Stephen Outhwaite and Gary Brothers, the co-founders of Independent Tax and Forensic Services LLP

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